Energy Efficiency Officer

  • Address : Kigali, Rwanda
  • Position Type : Full Time
  • Deadline : 02-March-2017
  • Vacancies : 1
  • Required degree : Bachelor
  • Required Years of Experience : 3


The Energy Sector in Rwanda is undergoing a process of reform and a comprehensive program of renewal and expansion of electricity infrastructure is underway to ensure growth of the network to meet current and future supply requirements with a high level of reliability. The Energy Utility Corporation Limited (EUCL) is a Subsidiary of the Rwanda Energy Group (REG) one of the Successor entities from the former EWSA. EUCL took over EWSA utility operations including the associated generation plants, transmission and distribution network and all adjoining facilities thereto.

Description, duties, responsibilities

Lead in the implementation and coordination of the Organization’s Energy Efficiency and affordable energy strategy and action plan, working with colleagues and external partners.

Identify, develop and implement opportunities, including access to external funding, to further and promote the organization’s work on energy efficiency and loss reduction.

Create and implement a framework of policies and procedures that advance the EUCL’s energy efficiency objectives.

Lead in collaboration with colleagues that in depth energy advice, training and guidance to customers

Monitor and ensure energy efficiency, reduce energy loss and other energy conservation activities are planned and implemented in line with organizational strategy.

Support the improvement of services and specifications, including for development and component replacement, in line with energy efficiency best practice; assisting with the introduction of new energy efficiency technology in homes, and the monitoring, evaluation and review of same.

Support the delivery of advice services aimed at reducing energy loss, heating bills and other energy conservation methods, such that they are communicated and executed effectively, actively working to integrate services at the point of delivery.

Identification of savings opportunities through energy surveys or audits, involving the physical inspection of plant facilities and process equipment;

Employee-focused activities, such as campaigns to increase awareness, motivation and involvement in energy management activities throughout the company;

Organizational practices, such as the formulation of policy, the assignment of energy responsibilities, the provision of training, etc

Facility and process retrofits, incorporating more efficient technology;

Implementation of operational and maintenance practices that take into account the energy efficiency impacts.

Co-ordination of energy management policy, through targeting of initiatives that achieve the maximum benefit, and sustaining savings over the long term;

Assisting with the acquisition of financing for energy efficiency projects, through the accurate determination of baseline energy use levels for energy efficiency project proposals, and verification of savings;

Improved product and service costing, by the definition of the energy content of products and services;

Improved budgeting, by providing a basis for the more accurate projection of future energy use for given levels of activity;

Better preventative maintenance, by increasing the availability of performance data on energy systems;


Requirements and Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Electrical Engineering