Senior Engineer Generation Projects Implementation

  • Address : Kigali, Rwanda
  • Position Type : Full Time
  • Deadline : 13-May-2015
  • Vacancies : 1
  • Required degree : Bachelor
  • Required Years of Experience : 3


REG is a company that Generates and distributes power in Rwanda. As a national utility, the company has been in existence since 1976, as ELECTROGAZ. ELECTROGAZ was founded in 1939 as “REGIDESO” by the colonial masters supplying water, electricity and gas to RWANDA-URUNDI with its Headquarters in Bujumbura. The company was later divided into REGIDESO Rwanda and REGIDESO Burundi in 1963. In 1976, REGIDESO Rwanda became ELECTROGAZ and was granted the monopoly for the production and distribution of water and electricity in the country. After the 1994 genocide, there was an increase in urban settlements, thus increased demand for water and electricity. The installed capacity for water and electricity supply could not sustain the increased demand, which called for further investments.

Description, duties, responsibilities

Responsible for development of feasibility studies, funding mechanisms, design, procurement support, supervision, commissioning in addition to managing least cost investment plans which comply with the organizational strategic plan

Project Management

1. Take lead in nationwide assessment and update of power generation resources/potentials and disseminate such data and information to relevant stakeholders

2. Carry out the engineering and packaging of Power generation projects using all available forms of energy (hydro, peat, solar, Biomass, Natural Gas, etc); through project concept notes, feasibility studies, specifications and tendering documentation; implementation, and construction supervision

3. Support the department in project appraisals, tendering and procurement and contracting of consultants and contractors for power generation plants; including monitoring of implementation of such projects.

4. Manage all the activities of the projects and ensure reliability to promote efficiency during project implementation;

5. Asses the needs of the projects in terms of materials and tools and ensure that the necessary items are procured in a timely manner;

6. Coordinate project development with sales teams.

7. Conduct product demonstrations, provide project status updates and respond to any field technical inquiries

8. Provide support in development of funding mechanisms for power generation investments in the country by development of concept funding statements for GoR and financial agencies in order to fulfil the strategic plans of the government.

9. Conduct economic studies, investment planning, project and construction procurement (through competitive bids), construction supervision and commissioning

10. Develop design and management concepts for least cost investment plan to comply with the organisational Strategic Plan.

11. Develop evaluation models including forecasting demand to define the proper future balancing offer. These outputs will be used to adjust the Strategic Plan defined by the GoR if necessary.

Project Monitoring

12. Monitor the running of the projects and assess new installations before commissioning;

13. Schedule material deliveries and assist with contract negotiations;

14. Avail a perfectly coordinated plan for protection of the materials and tools being used for the projects;

15. Develop and manage schedules for software and hardware programs;

16. Coordinate and monitor releases from requirements to deployment;

17. Support execution of new processes and procedures related to billing and tax preparation;


18. Plan, supervise and ensure rehabilitation and reconfiguration of projects;

Budgeting and Reporting

19. Manage budgets and costs of all the activities which he/she is accountable.

20. Report periodically monthly, quarterly and annually) on the performance of the Directorate (budgets Vs actual targets)

Requirements and Skills

  • • Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or any other related field with 3-5 years of direct relevant experience in Power Generation roles at senior level or • A Master’s Degree in civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or any other related field with a minimum of 3 years of direct relevant experience in Power Generation roles at senior level