Manager Administration

  • Address : Kigali, Rwanda
  • Position Type : Full Time
  • Deadline : 13-May-2015
  • Vacancies : 1
  • Required degree : Bachelor
  • Required Years of Experience : 3


REG is a company that Generates and distributes power in Rwanda. As a national utility, the company has been in existence since 1976, as ELECTROGAZ. ELECTROGAZ was founded in 1939 as “REGIDESO” by the colonial masters supplying water, electricity and gas to RWANDA-URUNDI with its Headquarters in Bujumbura. The company was later divided into REGIDESO Rwanda and REGIDESO Burundi in 1963. In 1976, REGIDESO Rwanda became ELECTROGAZ and was granted the monopoly for the production and distribution of water and electricity in the country. After the 1994 genocide, there was an increase in urban settlements, thus increased demand for water and electricity. The installed capacity for water and electricity supply could not sustain the increased demand, which called for further investments.

Description, duties, responsibilities

Responsible for effective planning, coordination and supervision of the implementation of the organisation’s administration function in core areas of insurance, stores management, archives/ record management, facilities / utilities management and asset administration in view of the cost rationalization strategy, risk minimization initiative and maintenance of organisation’s Brand image

Facilities and Utilities

1 Direct, control and supervise the provisioning and functioning of voice and telephones services across the organisation

2 Direct, control and supervise the provision of utilities such as water and electricity to the organisation premises

3 Review and verify utility bills for relevancy and ensure their timely settlement in line with organisation’s procedures and best practice

4 Plan and coordinate the scheduled fumigation of all organisations premises in line with Service Level Agreements and best practice

5 Plan and coordinate the proper bar coding of all organisation’s assets at the time of procurement and after expiry of warranty periods

6 Maintain an up dated bar coded assets register.

7 Direct, control and supervise the provision and standards of cleaning services for the organisation’s premises

Asset administration and disposal

8 Direct, control and supervise the proper functioning of organisation’s fax machines, safes, fire filing cabinets, photocopiers etc

9 Plan, direct and control the disposal of obsolete organisation’s assets and store / stock items in line with laid down procedures

10 Place and upgrade insurance covers as and when for new human and physical assets are acquired in line with organisation’s policies

11 Examine the accuracy, sufficiency and completeness of Insurance policy master documents, risk notes, endorsement notes and Insurance registers.

12 Determine the arithmetic computations for debited Insurance premiums for accuracy and adherence to specific Insurance Policy stipulations and Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda premium rate derivation standards

13 Assess the adequacy of the placed insurance covers with a view of minimizing risk gaps and addressing emerging risk threats

General Services Administration

14 Plan, directing and coordinate the administrative services of the organization, such as records and information management, mail distribution, facilities planning and maintenance

15 Participate in contracting with the service provider companies for services such as the cleaners and catering services

16 Review and monitor the execution of contracts for the provision of administrative services, to the Organization in accordance with the provisions in the contracts policy


17 Develop weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual management reports

Risk Management and Compliance

18 Take a proactive approach to risk assessments and highlighting concerns to the relevant colleagues

19 Work with business unit leadership to report and monitor process compliance


20 Provide leadership to the unit staff and supervise and manage their performance and development in line with the Organization’s goals, objectives, policies and regulations.

21 Develop a departmental annual work plan and financial budget and monitor their implementation in line with the Business plan

Requirements and Skills

  • • Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Procurement, Economics, Commerce, Management, Business Administration or any other related field with 3-5 year of relevant direct experience in similar Administration responsibilities or • • A Master’s Degree in Procurement, Economics, Commerce, Management, Business Administration or any other related field with a minimum of 3 year of direct relevant experience in similar Administration responsibilities