Head of East Africa

  • Address : Kigali, Rwanda
  • Position Type : Full Time
  • Deadline : 18-February-2016
  • Vacancies : 1
  • Required degree : Bachelor
  • Required Years of Experience : 5

About CNBC Africa (ABN Group)

ABN offers a holistic approach to telling Africa's business story - first. With much-esteemed international brands such as CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa providing a broadcast and print platform respectively, the ABN conglomerate also offers resources to organize world-class events across the African continent, through ABN Productions. The recently-launched ABN Training Institute boasts state-of-the-art facilities to provide media training among many other courses, while ABN Digital is the company's online presence for your up-to-date business and markets news. Through its sub-brands, ABN aims to be Africa's leading aggregator and distributor of business and economic news.

Description, duties, responsibilities

- The Head of East Africa, oversees the development and management

of the ABN Group in East Africa, and manages and oversees all

aspects of the business including finance, human resources,

administration, technical, sales and business development,

programming and legal.

- The role entails the planning, development, organization and

management of all aspects of the business, and playing a leadership

role in the East Africa.

- Management of the day-to-day running of the ABN Group in East

Africa, including CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa and ABN


- The position requires collaboration across departments and reports

directly to the Managing Director of the Group.

- The Head of East Africa shall be responsible for setting a revenue

target for the ABN Group companies in East Africa, and shall be

accountable to the Board for achieving those targets set out.


- Implement the strategy of the ABN Group, across the companies and

the countries of presence in East Africa.

- Be an active participant in the formulation of the commercial strategy for East Africa.

- Effectively guide the strategic direction and presence of the ABN Group in East Africa.

- Lead, manage and control the ABN Group’s presence in East Africa in terms of the reputation – editorially and commercially.

- Ensure that all aspects of the business are commercially viable and

are operating according to the strategic direction of the Company.

- Advise company on possible risks with strategy and manage risks

for the ABN Group in East Africa.

- Participating in new business development efforts, leading all teams

and departments in the implementation of the business development



- Ensure that the East Africa bureaus adhere to the standards set out

by CNBC Africa in terms of style, presentation and coverage.

- Ensure that all editorial contributions from East Africa are in line

with the corporate presence and image of the ABN Group.

- Manage, research, source and assign the production of daily program

inserts, source guests, conduct interviews and assist the CNBC

Africa team in all aspects of news and business news coverage in

East Africa.

- Manage and take responsibility for the editorial quality.

- Manage the daily and weekly programming and co-ordinate with the

programming department of CNBC Africa based in Sandton, South

Africa, regarding editorial contributions from East Africa.

- Assuring that the firm’s content, programming, image, brand and

sales work is relevant, engaging, and effective.


- Maintaining and balancing all costs in line with the strategy and the

approved budget of the company.

- Manage and control the allocated budget for East Africa in

conjunction with the Head of Finance for ABN Group ensuring

proper approval of expenditure if and when needed.

- Liaise with the finance and compliance teams across East Africa to

ensure company secretarial work is in order. Including Board

Meetings, Minutes and Statutory Registers.

- Ensure that the financial strategy of the company is implemented

effectively and efficiently across East Africa.

- Setting out the revenue target for the ABN Group companies in East

Africa, and ensuring all costs are in alignment with such revenue

target and the budget.

Sales & Marketing:

- Ensure that the sales and business development of the ABN Group

in East Africa is in alignment with the revenue targets set out.

- Build relationships with the most influential sectors of East Africa

economy, including businesses, government and international


- Attend functions and represent the ABN Group at executive level,

where and when necessary.

- Identify and manage relationships with key clients in East Africa.

- Working with associates in brand planning/brand strategy to ensure

that creative work is on strategy.

- Developing ideas and messages to communicate and persuade at

various points of contact with the brand.

- Actively participate in the organization of corporate events and

ensure that all events organized by the ABN Group are adequately

marketed across East Africa.

- Network with potential new clients, customers, television

distribution channels and corporate entities in East Africa.

- Liaise with the Marketing Department in Johannesburg for any

public relations related requests and queries.

- Manage ABN’s participation at events and conferences in East Africa.

- Manage and assist sales staff to achieve annual sales targets in conjunction with the sales department.

Human Resource & Compliance:

- Manage and supervise the team, staff, personnel and employees across various countries in East Africa.

- Manage the implementation of policies and regulations in East Africa.

- Manage the performance of staff members.

- Ensure that all applicable laws, including employment laws and corporate regulations are complied with.

- Provide support to the HR Department and Legal Department of the

ABN Group, with regards to employment related managers and the

implementation of employment policy and other guidelines issued.

- Actively participate in the recruitment, performance management and disciplinary processes of the company.

- Ensure all records with regards to employee retention, disciplinary

action, performance review and other records are maintained.

- Mentoring, coaching, providing feedback, performance planning

and career path development for members of the East Africa team.

Requirements and Skills