• Address : Kigali, Rwanda
  • Position Type : Full Time
  • Deadline : 18-May-2018
  • Vacancies : 1
  • Required degree : Bachelor
  • Required Years of Experience : 0

About Carnegie Mellon University

Since its founding in 1900, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has been a birthplace of innovation. Ranked #1 in Computer Science and #4 in Engineering by U.S. News & World Report, CMU is dedicated to producing creative and technically strong engineers that have meaningful impact in their communities and accelerate positive technological change in the world. In 2011, CMU extended its global footprint into Africa as the Regional Center of Excellence for ICT based in Rwanda, and the anchor tenant of Kigali Innovation City. In a region booming with opportunities, CMU is the only U.S.-based research university offering its master’s degrees with a full-time faculty, staff and operations in Africa.

Description, duties, responsibilities

This is an opportunity to gain experience with an international organization and to meet and work with some of the best and brightest young Rwandans. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is a top-ranked U.S. university known particularly for research and graduate education in engineering and computer science. In 2011, CMU signed a 10-year agreement with the Government of Rwanda to open a branch of its College of Engineering in Kigali known as Carnegie Mellon University-Africa in Rwanda (CMU-Africa). Offering two master’s degrees, the Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) and the Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MS ECE), CMU-Africa now has 100 alumni and over 100 current students from 10 countries.

CMU-Africa is looking for a person-oriented individual to work in CMU-Africa’s recruitment and marketing team to develop and implement programs that increase the number of successful Rwandan applicants for the CMU-Africa master’s degree programs. The specific activities and responsibilities will include:

40% Liase with GoR

Work with different ministries and government offices to identify key organizations that could a) benefit from training staff at CMU; b) provide channels for identifying potential applicants who are in Rwanda, studying abroad, or in the diaspora; c) provide marketing opportunities at GoR venues. Follow through with programs to recruit more qualified students. Examples include:

Work closely with the Rwanda Education Board and the Student Financing Agency to ensure students applying for funding for similar degree programs abroad are directed to CMU, and therefore, supporting the government’s investment in the program.\

Work closely with the Rwanda Diaspora Directorate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to market the program to the Rwandan diaspora communities and identify high potential applicants.

Coordinate with Rwanda Days and other GoR events to have a CMU presence.

Create publicity opportunities based on CMU and GoR joint activities.

30% Liaise with University of Rwanda and other universities.

Work with the universities to raise awareness of the CMU programs among students and faculty. Coordinate with local universities to produce more students that are better prepared for admission to CMU.

Develop programs with local universities to help raise the quality of English, leveraging existing resources in Rwanda and best practices from CMU

Develop a bridge and “honors” programs to identify high potential students in relevant programs in the last 2 years of university and prepare them for CMU admission standards

Meet with faculty and hold information sessions at Rwandan universities to raise awareness for the programs at CMU.

Identify international universities and private sector programs that enroll and support Rwandan undergraduate students and develop incentive programs for Rwandans studying abroad to attract them back to Rwanda to do their graduate studies at CMU

15% Applicant Support

Support applicants who have already applied to improve their preparedness and potential for success.

Develop and manage prep program that develops English and quantitative skills required for CMU and standardized admissions test that assess these skills.

Help students to register for GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS testing.

15% Process Development

Develop and document processes so that they can be sustained and improved upon over time. This includes:

Participate in CMU recruiting staff activities to become familiar with CMU and its programs.

Maintain contact database integrated with existing CRM system.

Develop written procedures and schedules.

Work with other CMU staff to coordinate with existing recruiting and marketing activities.


The individual will work on full time assignment at the CMU-Africa campus and report to the CMU-Africa Associate Director for Academic Affairs, and work closely with the Director of Business Strategy and Operations.

Ideal Candidate

• Passionate about education and developing leadership capacity in Rwanda, and Africa at large

• Analytical thinker with the ability to synthesize data to make informed, strategic decisions

• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to connect easily with people from various cultures and backgrounds

• Agile learner with the ability to adapt and thrive in an evolving, diverse business environment Requirements and Skills

• Fluency in both English and Kinyarawanda is compulsory

• Knowledge of social media and other web marketing technologies (e.g. targeting Facebook posts and Google analytics)

• Intermediate level experience with MS Excel

• Experience with basic desktop publishing tools

• Preferred quali?cation: A Master’s Degree

• Preferred quali?cation: Relevant work experience with international organizations

• Preferred quali?cation: Familiarity with the U.S. higher education system

• Preferred quali?cation: Experience using CRM systems such as Salesforce

Requirements and Skills