Important Instructions

To submit your application for a job vacancy you must accurately fill in as much information about your work history, education history, Professional Certificate, Training attended, Language and 3 references. The data entered will be converted to your digital CV.

General Instructions

  • 1. Login to complete your profile , if its your first time to use the system
  • 2. Create your electronic curriculum vitae (CV).
  • 3. In the education section of the CV add all education. If you have completed at least a bachelor degree do not include secondary and primary education
  • 4. In the Experience Section of the CV Add all work experience history
  • 5. Add all professional certificate if any
  • 6. Add Training history if any
  • 7. Add Languages
  • 8. Add 3 References
  • 9. The final step is to apply for a job. Go to the Find job

    To apply for a specific position click on that position or view details button, one the job description page click on apply now button and insert your cover letter in the specified field.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

A1. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

A2. Yes, but make sure you meet the requirements of each position.

Login to update your profile and Create or complete your electronic CV

A3. Yes, Click on My CV section, but make sure you complete your CV prior to submit your application.

A4. Yes, if you do click on forget password link on the Login page and enter the email you have used during registration.

Once your email matches we will send you a confirmation email with a link to reset your password.

A5. Please check the section called My Applications on the main navigation bar
A6. Yes, As long as the recruiting stage you want to appeal to has been completed. go to My Applications to submit your appeal if it's applicable.
A7. can only answer technical questions related to the system. Please contact the hiring company or make an Appeal .
A8. Yes, once you have successfully completed all information needed on My CV Section Click on the print button on the top of your CV and save it on your local machine.
No, instead you will create an electronic CV that you can use to apply to multiple positions.
A10. WORK.RW was developed by a Rwandan IT company called HEXAKOMB LTD.
A11. If you have a technical problem not related to the status of an application please email [email protected]